Every environment has its own identity our identity is defined by our interiors

Karpinter - Interiors

Welcome to our professional interior design matching site. The best place on the Net to post your new or renovation project, sketch to CAD drafting or 3D visualization project and get it done in time at competitive price.

Created by a professional architects with extensive experience in interior design this site offers you quick turn around, fresh ideas and creative solutions from designers around the Globe. What makes us better is our professional approach. We design and help people see their dreams come true.

We, Karpinter offer Interior Design Services to customers, in association with leading interior designers, to create nonpareil environs that speak volumes. We have crafted the interiors for a wide variety of residential and commercial environments and are equipped to offer a range of solutions based on customer needs and budgets.

A team of professionals handles implementation, ensuring timely deliveries without cost overruns. Designing of interiors is taken on as a turnkey project. We work in co-ordination with famed interior designers to create wondrous environs.


Modular Kitchen

We make modern interior garden cottages for resorts and individual bunglows...

Living Room Interiors

We Design Office, Workspace, Co-working Space, Meeting Room. we make it beautiful ...

Residential Interiors

If you're looking for someone to decorate your living room for you - Just engage us ...

Office Interiors

You will not feel away from home, which proves how difficult designing a hotel interior actually is..

Drawing Room

Your living room is one of the most lived-in rooms in your home. Engage us To make Beautiful and Efficient Design

Bed room - Interiors

Many people think they know how to create a good bedroom interior design, but can they make it great?

Nature Inside

If you are lacking yard space for an outdoor garden or if you simply want to bring nature inside, many design possibilities await you.

Decorative Lighting

You do need to know the basics of functional and decorative lighting and how to get help for planning and buying lighting..

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